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https://youtube.com/devicesupport 722854 views
3:56 FBB Lora Ottenad big female BB wrestle a man 2015.
Lora Ottenad Private Screening 4752 views
8:33 Lora Ottenad , fbb , female bodybuilding , female bodybuilder , muscle woman , muscular woman , muscle , bodybuilding.
FBB Lora Ottenad big female BB wrestle a man 2015 485 views
15:21 World Champion Bodybuilder I.F.B.B Pro Lora Ottenad is one of the strongest women in the world!! Bench Press 315lbs Leg Press 1855lbs (almost 1 ton) Curls 140lbs. . Lora is available for...
Lora Ottenad pump room 10443 views
2:33 Lora Ottenad from the 2013 NPC Washington State Open.
Lora Ottenad - Leg Presses almost a Ton!! 2788 views
2:2 A few strings and some great meat.
Lora Ottenad scrumptious in gold bikini 17329 views
0:27 Lora Ottenad is proof that a muscular woman can be sexy. Love her voice.
Lora Ottenad beach and gym posing 2 1102 views
2:16 FBB Lora Ottenad.
1:56 The Diet Solution Program http://tiny.cc/a3uqp.
Lora Ottenad 1 55167 views
0:49 FBB Lora Ottenad.
Lora Ottenad Various Lift 203513 views
1:14 Lora Ottenad scrumptious in gold bikini.
Female Bodybuilder Lora Ottenad 2569 views
1:29 FBB Lora Ottenad.
Lora Ottenad Armwrestling 97737 views
1:14 Guy on a talk show shows of his body, and it is decent, but nothing compared to the strong woman that will show him what real muscle is.
Lora Ottenad 2 67864 views
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Lora Ottenad scrumptious in gold bikini 40 views
0:27 Lora Ottenad (born February 3, 1964) is a professional female bodybuilder from Seattle, Washington. At 5'8" and a contest weight of approximately 175 lbs., Lora is one of the largest female...
Lora Ottenad 3 98111 views
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Lora Ottenad & C 607 views
Lora Ottenad IV BB 464 views