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Is that what you mean: ? b737 landing at skiathos airport
B737 landing at Skiathos airoport 40887 views
0:35 B737 landing at Skiathos (JSI/LGSK) airport (Alexandros Papadiamantis)
transavia.com Boeing 737-800 Amsterdam to Skiathos 23298 views
5:55 Boeing 737-800 landing on Skiathos Greece (Manual landing Visual) transavia.com.
Boeing 737 Landing @ Skiathos Airport [FSX] 273 views
2:54 Boeing 737 Landing @ Skiathos Airport HD Available! Watch in 720p Thank you for everyone watching! Check Out: http://www.youtube.com/user/SirFlight/ http://w...
LOWEST 737 LANDING EVER! @ Skiathos, the second St Maarten | Air Italy 737-8BK crazy pilot! 1676311 views
3:16 Feel the thrill of standing behind masses of heavy metal and between two big wheels passing next to you, and watch the aircraft literally drop on the runway,...
Landing at Skiathos airport (JSI/LGSK) 1188 views
0:52 Air Berlin B738 landing @ Skiathos Airport ( Alexandros Papadiamantis) Thanks for watching !! Please subscribe and rate the Video ;) Addons used: PMDG 737 NG...
[FSX] Boeing 737-800 Landing at Skiathos ( Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport) (HD) 186 views
4:20 VFR landing in a Cirrus Jet on X-Plane v.10. Edited in Sony Vegas. Song: Near The Parenthesis - Sitting In A Room.
Landing at Skiathos Island National Airport (Greece) 257 views
1:49 Amazing Skiathos Landing Boeing 737-783, LGSK, Greece Skiathos Airport 'Alexandros Papadiamantis' (IATA: JSI, ICAO: LGSK) is an airport on the island of Skia...
Amazing Skiathos Landing SAS Boeing 737-783, LGSK, Greece 807 views
0:59 Like my Facebook page for exclusive previews, shots and much more! http://www.facebook.com/Dantorp11 Hope you enjoy! A donation of any size enables me to pre...
SAS 737-700 Incredible Short Runway Takeoff from Skiathos Airport! 20114 views
7:45 Skiathos, Greece, Boeing 737, LGSK Skiathos Airport 'Alexandros Papadiamantis' (IATA: JSI, ICAO: LGSK) is an airport on the island of Skiathos, Greece. Its 5...
Skiathos, Greece, Boeing 737, LGSK 203 views
0:31 Skiathos Low Approach SAS Boeing 737, Greece Skiathos Airport 'Alexandros Papadiamantis' (IATA: JSI, ICAO: LGSK) is an airport on the island of Skiathos, Gre...
Skiathos Low Approach and landing SAS Boeing 737, Greece 166 views
0:23 PLEASE READ / BITTE LESEN ---ENGLISH--- A Beautiful day in Greece, we are not anywhere Greece but at Skiathos Airport also called,; The St. Maarten today Gre...
2:42 Few people with an interest in aviation will not have heard of the island of St Maarten, famous for its spectacular airport, Princess Juliana, where aircraft...
Scary Head-On Takeoffs and Landings! Skiathos, The 2nd St Maarten! 134363 views
4:31 Boeing 737-300 landing ILS 08R at Henri Coanda - Otopeni Airport LROP/OTP, filmed with iPhone 4.
Boeing 737-300 landing ILS 08R at Otopeni Airport LROP/OTP 11973 views
1:47 This stunning approach takes us along the classic approach to runway 02 at JSI. In the first few minutes of the video we fly over the amazing Skopelos Island...
SAS 737-700 Stunning Approach, Firm Landing and Taxi at Skiathos Airport! 11208 views
11:58 Air Berlin B737-800 making a low, fast approach and landing at Skiathos Island National Airport, Greece(LGSK)...please comment, rate and subscribe for more :)
B737 Low, Fast Approach at Skiathos 1408 views
2:1 B737 take off from Skiathos (JSI/LGSK) airport (Alexandros Papadiamantis) waving pilot + extreme jet blast.
B737 takes off from Skiathos airport 64 views
1:43 Here is the last part of WS101 Toronto to Calgary from Summer 2012. It was another routine trek on one of WJ's busiest routes, but it was a great flight none...
WestJet B737-700 (WS101) | Approach & Landing at Calgary Intl Airport - Runway 34 241 views
7:39 A Thomson 757 landing at Skiathos airport.
Thomson 757 Landing at Skiathos airport 150 views
0:37 Thanks for watching. Please rate, comment and subscribe. Norwegian airlines Boeing 737-800 landing at Copenhagen airport (CPH) This video has been recorded o...